The Hubschrauber

Sounds like:

1. My side of the story
2. Guitar music
3. self-reflective personality
4. drewbarrymore.GIF
5. A lost glitter in your pitchblack coffee (the morning after)
6.’Once, I wanted to buy a farm with you’
7. Nike-wearing climate activists
8. Desiring structure, while still missing the aimlessness
9. ‘Will fucking have some empathy for fuck sake.’
10. Thinking this country sucks, while also acknowledging your privilege
11. The realization that time is finite. And that maybe we’ve wasted it.
12. “Is this it?”
“I think this is it.”


2024: Release third album 'This Might Be It' in sold out Doornroosje
2021: Double release in Openluchttheather de Goffert
2020: Declared ambassadors for the freedom
2020: Album Protector, Distractor out now.
Sold out show in Merleyn cancelled becuase of Corona.
2018: Chinese satellite launched with Album Kepler 186-f on board.
2018: Guest @ Staat van Stasse @ NPO Radio 2
2017: AFAS Live (Aftershow The National), Amsterdam 
2017: Participation Popronde
2017: UK-tour
2017: Release debut album Kepler 186-f in sold out Merleyn, Nijmegen
2016: Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg (DE)
2015: UK-Tour (read 3voor12 blog)
2015: EP-release I Want To Buy A Farm With You 
2014: DE-tour